Ameritech Announces Touch-Tone Charge Reduction in Confusing Way

Ameritech Announces Touch-Tone Charge Reduction in Confusing Way

Post by Bradley J. Bitto » Sat, 18 Feb 1995 04:42:09

I received an insert from Ameritech yesterday in my bill.  In part,
it read:

        "The monthly $1.80 Touch-Tone Service charge will be
         eliminated over the next three years.  Starting
         January 9th, you'll pay $1.00 less per month.  The
         remaining Touch-Tone charge no longer will be shown
         separately on your bill.  Instead, the reduced monthly
         charge of $.80 will be included in your "access line"

My interpretation of this was that all customers would see their
"access line" charge increased by $.80/month.  However, I spoke to an
Ameritech residential service representative, who told me the $.80
would be added to my "access line" charge.  In other words, the
"access line" charge will be $.80 more for those with Touch-Tone
service.  Then, sometime in the next three years, that will disappear
too.  (Probably the next time the "access line" service increases -- I
predict by $.80!)  In the meantime, Touch-Tone customers may not
realize they are paying extra for it.

Incidentally, the installation charge for Touch-Tone has been dropped
(not sure if that's temporary or permanent), so I relented and finally
got it.  I guess the $.80 is within my threshhold of annoyance for
having to switch my phones back and forth between tone and pulse. ;-)

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