<e>Voice: The First Voice-to-Voice Service

<e>Voice: The First Voice-to-Voice Service

Post by Jean-Bernard Conda » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00


For traders, insurances, bankers, people with psychological illness,
complex financial phone calls, the French certificate authority
Post<e>asy will propose at the end of this month a comprehensible
voice-to-voice service. A person phone to another throught an
easy-to-use interface providing a unique archiving of the content of
the conversation.

All what will be said will be crypted in a signed, sequestred and
archive ten (10) years long. The file will be store in a MPEG-3 format
(with all possibilities of evolution).

Perhaps you have some international technologies that do the same
voice-to-voice services?


Jean-Bernard Condat, Posteasy SA
42 bd Sbastopol, 75003 Paris, France


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