It Ain't Like it Used to Be

It Ain't Like it Used to Be

Post by Stan.Schwart » Tue, 25 Jun 1996 04:00:00

In TD #299, Mark J. Cuccia discussed his problem reaching a long
distance number that was apparently out of order, and wondered why it
didn't warrant an intercept message.  May I relate my own story (which
includes an answer):

My parents live in a ranch house in a late-50's era Levitt-style
development in NYNEX/NY land.  About once a year, some too-tall truck
will drive past the house and forcibly disconnect their phones from
the rest of the world. I was i n the house (with my cell phone) when
this happened last year, and I got on the phone with NYNEX repair.
The tech told me that a repair would take a week.  I was willing to
lend them my cell phone, and I asked if NYNEX could put an intercept
on the line so that calls to the house don't get an endless
"ring-no-answer".  The tech told me that they didn't like to do that,
because that took two trouble tickets (one to place the order, and one
to remove the intercept), and many times the intercepts don't get
removed correctly.

The tech then said, "Let me ask you - do you have very young children
in the house?".  I said, "No."  He said, "Let me ask you again, do you
have small children in the house?"  Seeing where he was going with
this, I said, "No, but there are two senior citizens in the house."
He said, "OK, that's what I needed to hear."  The repair truck was at
the house later that afternoon.

A postscript to that story is that two months later, another truck
tore the drop down.  NYNEX says they can't hang it any higher.


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