My Favorite Intercepts

My Favorite Intercepts

Post by Claus Tonderi » Tue, 06 Oct 1992 17:09:10

A British friend of mine had this experience once he visited
Washington, DC:

He was trying to make a phone call, but being unacquainted with the US
telephone system, he wasn't aware that he was supposed to dial an
initial 1 in front of the area code. The phone responded with a
recording saying: "You have a problem. Please replace the receiver and
dial again."

This offended him somewhat, because in his particular dialect of
English, "You have a problem" implies something like: "Try using a

Dansk Data Elektronik A/S, Herlev, Denmark

[Moderator's Note: But at least the recording did not say something
like 'please check your deodorant and spray again, or ask your former
friends for assistance ... this is a recording  PU-U2.   :)   PAT]


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