Question on NY Tel's Capabilities

Question on NY Tel's Capabilities

Post by david niebu » Mon, 27 Jan 1992 22:09:30

Quote:> I was interested in looking into some option for my home phone.  Items
> like Caller-ID, Last Call Redial, the service where one has two
> numbers on one line (the name will come back to me after I mail this
> :-), etc.  I called NY Telephone asking about these services and was
> told that only the multi-number option was available.
> A few days later I was kvetchin' (for a change :-) about the public
> utilites on Long Island when the person who I was kvetching to started
> telling me why NY Tel can't offer those services.  He was telling me
> about how technologically behind most of the COs on Long Island are
> and that NY Tel would have to do a major overhaul and replace switches
> to provide some of these new services.

As a resident of Long Island I can attest that NYTel is so screwed up
it is less than pathetic.  The equipment is a disaster area and the
wires are just now being replaced, slowly.

It sometimes takes weeks to get something done, such as installing a
second line, as I did recently.

The business offices are not able to give a straight answer to
anything but keep referring the caller to some other area.

For an advanced telco, try Rochester Tel & Tel.  Forget NYTel.  CLASS
service is probably years away due to the stupid Public (read Utility)
Service Commission, a messed up governor and the legislature.

Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, NY 11973  (516)-282-3093


1. Question on NY Tel's Capabilities

Actually, NNX-9901 can be called from any exchange, not necessarily
your home exchange.  I just tried this with the 281, 727 and 924
exchanges.  Trying the 282 exchange (same CO as 924) gave a lot of
different tones but no message.

Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, NY 11973  (516)-282-3093

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