FBI's "888" Uunabom(b)er Line Gets '800' Owner Angry

FBI's "888" Uunabom(b)er Line Gets '800' Owner Angry

Post by danny burstei » Fri, 07 Feb 1997 04:00:00

 From an AP story describing the FBI's '888' number which plays the
"white male with no discernable accent"'s warning about the centenial
park bombing.

(btw, what do you think the chances are that they're ANI'ing all the
callers hoping that that the bad guy will check in?

   FBI toll-free number plays 911 tape warning of Olympic Park bombing

   By PATRICIA J. MAYS  The Associated Press 02/06/97 3:15 PM Eastern

   ATLANTA (AP) -- Federal agents have a new "888" toll-free number to
   let the public hear the voice of the man who called 911 to warn about
   the bomb in Centennial Olympic Park. But the businessman who has the
   same number, with an 800 area code, is less than thrilled.

   The audio tape of the 911 call placed just before the fatal July 27
   blast can be heard by calling 1-888-324-8404, federal officials
   announced Wednesday.

The story continues with a description of the problems the business with
the '800' version of the number is having due to the call volume.

There was another (short term) problem, as well:

   The number, which was supposed to operate nationwide, was not
   accessible from Seattle and some other cities.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Of course, it is not the fault of the
FBI that large numbers of Americans do not understand how to dial
their telephone and that 888 is not the same as 800 even though they
function the same way.

If I were the owner of the 800 number and had a little extra money to
spend, I would use the 800 version to completely blast the FBI totally
condemn their mishandling of the matter in the beginning. I would
also use the phone number to challenge the FBI on their handling of
the 'original unabomber' and ask why after all this time Ted K. has
not yet been put on trial and why no trial date has ever been set up.
I would ask why the FBI (where Ted K. is concerned) is being held
incognito and they are refusing to allow him any media contact or more
than just minimal contact with his own attorney. I guess they know by
now they have the wrong person there also; that like Atlanta they
jumped the gun and let the media give Ted K. their version of a 'fair
trial' and now they are unable to prove any of it. Yes, if I had a
large number of people calling my 800 number daily thinking they were
reaching the FBI, I would definitly use it to my advantage to let
people know just how rotten that agency is. Indeed, the entire US
Department of Injustice needs a major overhaul, beginning with Janet
Reno. What a great opportunity, depending on how the owner of the
800 number feels about it.    PAT