Book Review: "Running a Perfect Web Site" by Chandler

Book Review: "Running a Perfect Web Site" by Chandler

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"Running a Perfect Web Site", David Chandler, 1995, 0-7897-0210-X,

%A   Bill Kirkner
%A   Jim Minatel
%C   201 W. 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN   46290
%D   1995
%G   0-7897-0210-X
%I   Que Corporation

%P   457
%T   "Running a Perfect Web Site",

World Wide Web, variously abbreviated as Web, WWW or W3, is the name
for the comprehensive and interlocking system of computers, networks,
daemons, languages, browsers, servers, protocols, clients and
documents.  HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is the standard for
requests from Web clients (or browsers) and data from Web servers (or
sites or daemons).  HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the formatting
code that specifies the display and functions of Web documents (or
files).  A Web browser is the program that runs (relatively) locally
and which is your interface to the W3.  And a Web site is that
combination of computer hardware, network links, daemon software, and
HTML files which you need in order to provide information to the World
Wide Web.

I was going to define client and server, too, but, believe me, W3 is
*not* the example to use if you want to portray a clear understanding
of client/server.  Oh, you think so, eh?  Then, which is the server,
the program that fulfills the data request, or the one that fulfills
the display request?  Or, if you're using SlipKnot, which of httpd,
lynx and SlipKnot is the client and which the server?

At any rate, you had better keep the definitions in the first
paragraph clear in your mind if you are going to use this book.  It
does provide an overview of the entire system, but it doesn't provide
an awful lot of information about any one topic.  After reading the
book you may still not, for example, be completely comfortable with
setting up an Internet router or firewall.  You will know basic HTML,
but not all the functions, by any means.  Examples for forms and
applications use Perl scripts, but Perl, itself, is not discussed.

The CD included with the book contains a very comprehensive and useful
set of tools, clients, utilities and references.  Programs for Windows
include such sought-after items as WIN32S; Trumpet Winsock; Lynx;
Perl; SlipKnot; HTML editors and assistants; viewers; email, news,
Gopher and IRC clients; and Netmanage's Chameleon.  There are DOS and
UNIX applications, as well as Internet FYI, RFC and STD reference

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1. Book Review: "How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site" by Stein


"How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site", Lincoln D. Stein, 1997, 0-201-63462-7,

%C   1 Jacob Way, Reading, MA   01867-9984
%D   1997
%G   0-201-63462-7
%I   Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.

%P   816
%T   "How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site"

Having exhausted the need (and desire) for shopping lists of URLs
(Uniform Resource Locators) and documentation for Web browsers,
attention appears to have turned to the creation and care of Web
sites.  This seems to be a more useful exercise.  Having established
an Internet "presence" with Web pages, companies are now starting to
become interested in the functions that only full control of a site
can provide.  In addition, Web servers are the usual basic interface
for intranets, thus hitting two of the 90s hot topics at the same

Stein has produced a very solid and useful guide.  His explanations
are clear and correct.  The material included covers an introduction,
background concepts, installation of software, an overview of servers,
security, HTML, software tools, style, scripting, JavaScript, Java,
and available online references.  For current Web site uses, this
provides a thorough foundation.

copyright Robert M. Slade, 1997   BKHSUMWS.RVW   970119

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