US 900 Number Required

US 900 Number Required

Post by James Tobi » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 05:36:50


I require a US 900 number to map to a UK DDI.  The service will be
promoted in the US and is of a non-* nature. Can anybody recommend
a reputable company?  

Thanks in advance,



1. Hurricane Bob Updates on 900 Number (was Who Needs 900, 976)

According to the Weather Channel, there's a 900 number (run, I think,
by the National Hurricane Center) for updates on Hurricane Bob, which
is in the process of hitting the United States.  The number is
1-900-288-8800; it costs ninety-five cents (U.S.A.) a minute.  (Pat,
sorry if this gets to you too late to reach Digest readers in time,
but I just saw it!)

But what group would *this* go in?  (And why does cbnewsl, which is
supposed to serve AT&T employees in New Jersey, have articles in but none in

I'm not speaking for the company, I'm just speaking my mind.

[Moderator's Note: In Chicago on Chinet, they run it under ''.
It is the same script I hear recited on the phone at 312-976-1212.  PAT]

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