C & W 800 Service vs. Sprint 800 Service

C & W 800 Service vs. Sprint 800 Service

Post by Steve Eli » Thu, 09 Aug 1990 19:52:55

Quote:> Cable & Wireless - 800/486-8686
> Signup fee:  $0

Sprint:  800 877 4646
Signup fee: Was $0 for a while.  I think you can talk them into
waiving the 'official' signup fee if you try.  Say some * stuff
about ATT and maybe they'll give you a break! :)

Quote:> Monthly fee: $10-15/month (accessible from the 48 contiguous states)

Sprint monthly fee: $10 /month Sprint bills in six second increments.
What about C&W?  It's nice to be able to check voice mail from
anywhere in the US for one cent!  (Of course, it's more if there are
messages for me.)

Quote:> Programmable 800:  $10/month extra

This is a neat feature.  Sprint doesn't have anything similar, as far
as I know.

Quote:> I had a problem the first time, and the first person who answered the
> phone was able to tell me what POTS number my 800 was currently set
> for, through a real-time lookup right from their desk.  Impressive.
> (A little different from Sprint, eh John?)  

It's not that impressive.  The Sprint service reps can do the same
thing, but I'm not sure how quick they are about changing the POTS
number that the 800 number rings in to.  I have call forwarding on my
POTs number and use that to control where the 800 number rings.

(I don't know if phones in Alaska and Hawaii can connect to my 800 #.)



1. Pin 800 Numbers (was Re: MCI One Breaks its 800 Number Service)


This is especially true for anyone thinking of obtaining or currently
has a "pin" 800 number (an 800 number that will only connect after a
certain number of extra digits "pin" have been added).  The reason of
course is that thousands of other customers may have the same 800
number, but with a different "pin".  

I had a gal in Texas call me yesterday (an Excel Rep using MCI)
wanting to do just that, until she mentioned that it was a "pin" 800
number.  So she decided to obtain a new 888 number instead.  Pin 800
numbers tend to offer a higher cost per minute than the usual $0.109
to $0.129 (interstate rate) 800/888 service.  800/888 Service has a
lot of features that customers are usually not informed about because
of the additional set-up charges or paperwork that has to be

For example; you can block your 800/888 number from certain area codes
or regions (thus eliminating unwanted calls from those areas),
establish time of day routing (800/888 number will ring in to one
phone number, and then ring in to yet another phone number after a
designated time period ie. say after 6:00 pm rings in to a phone
number in another state).

Keith Brown
CallCom International
URL: http://www.callcom.com

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