Cell phone radiation--safer than a tan?

Cell phone radiation--safer than a tan?

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Cell phone radiation--safer than a tan?

By Irene Tham
ZDNet Asia
August 17, 2001 6:03 AM PT

If you stick a light-emitting chip at the back of your mobile phone
to reduce your exposure to radiation, you might want to consider
using a hands-free kit instead.

According to Stephen Chong, Singapore's Health Sciences Authority
(HSA) director of Centre for Radiation Protection, the hands-free kit
is the "only effective device" recommended by the World Health
Organization (WHO) in reducing mobile phone users' exposure to

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1. Cellphone radiation: Hagenuk safer than Nokia / Ericsson?

Hi everybody!

There has lately been some talk about radiation of the cell phones being
harmful to the brain. We all know that it is a risk, but not a very big
one.  However, if one has talk all day long with a cell phone, let's say
with a GSM phone, then perhaps it better to be safe than sorry...

We can limit the radiation to our brain by using external antenna, when
ever it's possible, for instance in the car AND we can choose a phone
that's safer for the brain. All normal cell phones have an antenna
placed near the head and the brain, but there's one GSM Cell phone
that's much safer to use even for longer calls. It's Hagenuk GlobalHandy
GSM cell phone, that has a patented built-in antenna which lowers the
radiation level possibly cooking the brain to only 1/10 of all other

So, if you use Hagenuk GlobalHandy GSM, your brain only gets 10%
of the radiation amount that your brain gets if you use e.g. Ericsson
or Nokia 8110 !!!

I was told by Hagenuk that their new GSM is very well accepted and
they can't even sell this GSM to everybody who would like to have one
because of the huge need for this kind of cell phone. However, they are
increasing the production all the time. Hagenuk GlobalHandy has all
the new phase 2 features and it has a very good standby times and it's
one of the lightest and smallest GSMs at the moment.

For more info check...

Regards, Janne
Janne Siponen            GSM +358505536736  (also SMs)
Helsinki, Finland        FAX +35895651115 (  New prefix! )

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