BC Tel Wants to Drop Touch Tone Charge

BC Tel Wants to Drop Touch Tone Charge

Post by wood » Tue, 22 Jan 1991 14:05:51

In the first Canadian case (to my knowledge) of a telco dropping the
extra charge for touch tone (referred to in BC Tel lingo as Touch
Calling), the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications
Commission received an application (Telecom Notice 1991-7 for those
interested, BC Tel Tariff Notice 2240) to increase all local service
line rates by $0.90 residential, $1.90 business (Cdn funds), but allow
for either pulse or tone service. Exchanges or areas without tone
equipment can receive a price break for the local line charge
equivalent to the price increase involved.

If this passes, the BC Tel wants to drop rentals and repairs on rotary
equipment, and to equalise the phone set rental rates to that rotary
will cost as much as tone (standard phone sets).


1. PacBell Dropping Charge for Touch-Tone Service

        It was only a few weeks ago we were discussing the "Cost
versus price" of Touch tone service. I believe we generally agreed
that while touch tone service cost practically nothing, the RBOCs
charged for this "premium" feature based upon perceived value (one of
them marketing terms :-)).

        Today in my phone bill was a little leaflet saying that they
will be eliminating the charge for touch tone.  The actual text is as

        "--Most residential customers have Touch-Tone Service
        and pay $1.20 per month for it. The connection charge
        is $3. Those charges will be eliminated under the CPUC
        order, and all residential customer will receive Touch-
        Tone automatically. ....."

        "... Also we are proposing that business customers re-
        ceive Touch-Tone Service as part of their basic service.

I believe the CPUC document describing this is: "CPUC Decision

Now I'm waiting for Pac Bell to charge a premium for using the pulse
dialing "feature". :-)


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