New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Post by TELECOM Moderat » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 01:52:00

Perhaps some of you might consider writing down some "New Year's Resolutions
for the Telecom Industry" and sharing them with other readers in an issue
of [Telecom Digest] to be published sometime weekend next. You might have
some constructive ideas about reform needed in the industry. Perhaps you have
an idea for a new telephone gimmick which has never before been considered.
Maybe you just want to relate an interesting experience you have had with the
'telephone company' and how you would have handled it.

If you send me mail with the subject header "New Year's Resolutions" I will
specifically hold it until next weekend and include them all in a special
issue at the end of year.

Depending on who goes to work/school/etc next week, our volume of mail may
drop somewhat, meaning fewer or skimpier-than-usual issues of the Digest until
wonderful January gets underway. Depending on what arrives, we should get
together at least a couple times next week. This is the eighth holiday season
[Telecom Digest] has been around, and some of you have been around since
the first issue in June, 1981. My best wishes to you all for a very happy
holiday, and a wonderful new year.

Patrick Townson


New Year's Resolutions

Post by Will Martin -- AMXAL- » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 16:59:00

That intrastate LD customers cease to be discriminated against in favor of
interstate LD callers; that a uniform per-mile rate be set up for each LD
carrier or BOC that provides LD service, and that all calls be charged for
based on their mileage at that rate, regardless of whether the call crosses
a state line or not.

That the offensive "access charge" be eliminated and the needed revenue
instead be generated as it should be -- by slightly higher LD rates all
across the industry.

Will Martin


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3. WTS: LARGE :---> Special Cisco End of Year Sale :-) Happy New Year <---: LARGE

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