NY Tel Experiments With Telephone Cash Cards

NY Tel Experiments With Telephone Cash Cards

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Quote:info.com> writes:
> Fortunately for NTT, losses from card phraud have
> been more than made up for by the propensity of people to buy
> telephone cards as collectors items.  One report I read said that 60%
> of all phone cards sold have never seen the inside of a telephone.

I can believe that -- you can buy NTT phone cards (with California
scenes printed on the back) at the San Francisco Hilton's gift shop.
I doubt many of the cards sold *there* go into phones in Japan.
(Sorry, I don't rememember how much the cards cost, but I'm sure
they've been marked up quite a bit.)

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1. NY Tel Experiments With Telephone Cash Cards

On the 7/22/91 "NBC National News" there was a blurb about Cash Cards
being used in England.  The way this works is that a person buys a
card at a local vendor (say Lottery Agent) for $5.00 and receives
$5.20 worth of calls.  It's used like an ATM card and there is a
readout that shows how much is left.

The purpose is to cut down on pay phone vandalism and theft since with
these cards there is no cash in the machine.

NY Tel (not known for innovation, or much else for that matter) is
trying them out at ferry terminals in NYC and may expand in the city
and elsewhere in the state if they are successful.  Also, other phone
companies are watching to see how well this goes.

Dave Niebuhr      Brookhaven National Laboratory

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