Administrivia: Overload Continues Unabated

Administrivia: Overload Continues Unabated

Post by TELECOM Moderat » Sat, 16 Nov 1991 07:27:23

I am still receiving a huge amount of mail daily here, and aside from
the usual constraints on me, there is some trouble with the mail here
and at the Bitnet gateway which has kept me running a little slower
than usual.  Another thing has to begin at this time, and that is a
slowdown on Digest mailing when this site is otherwise running at a
high load level. Although no specific rule has been set yet, to be as
accomodating to my hosts as I can, when the 'uptime' command says the
load is higher than desired, I'll be holding off mass mailing of the
Digest for the duration. The end result will be a chronic backlog of
message traffic for telecom, and an even larger than usual number of
messages turned away. Please don't take it personally; I'm doing what
I can to circulate as much telecom news as I can, as rapidly and
thoroughly as I can.

Patrick Townson


1. Administrivia: Troubles With Mail Continue

As of Tuesday evening, the program here which delivers copies of the
Digest to the names on the mailing list is still out of order. I am
attempting other methods to get the Digest out to the list, but I do
not know yet how well it is working.

The Digest is going out okay to comp.dcom.telecom, and I hope those of
the list readers who see this message will explain to others what the
problem is. Once things are moving again, the list readers will get a
big backlog of issues from Monday and Tuesday.

Patrick Townson

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