Unwanted 800 calls (was: Question About MCI 800 Number)

Unwanted 800 calls (was: Question About MCI 800 Number)

Post by Paulo Sant » Sat, 23 Feb 1991 01:07:03

Quote:> And yes, with any style of 800 number you pay for the calls whether
> you wanted them or not.  PAT]

This has not been my experience. Telecom*USA has always been very
forthcoming in removing charges from my bill regarding calls I did not
want. They are always 1 minute calls, and I never picked one up
myself. Presumably they are picked up by my answering machine when I
am not home, but no one has ever left a message. And as I said,
Telecom*USA always removes those charges when I call their customer

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1. Pin 800 Numbers (was Re: MCI One Breaks its 800 Number Service)


This is especially true for anyone thinking of obtaining or currently
has a "pin" 800 number (an 800 number that will only connect after a
certain number of extra digits "pin" have been added).  The reason of
course is that thousands of other customers may have the same 800
number, but with a different "pin".  

I had a gal in Texas call me yesterday (an Excel Rep using MCI)
wanting to do just that, until she mentioned that it was a "pin" 800
number.  So she decided to obtain a new 888 number instead.  Pin 800
numbers tend to offer a higher cost per minute than the usual $0.109
to $0.129 (interstate rate) 800/888 service.  800/888 Service has a
lot of features that customers are usually not informed about because
of the additional set-up charges or paperwork that has to be

For example; you can block your 800/888 number from certain area codes
or regions (thus eliminating unwanted calls from those areas),
establish time of day routing (800/888 number will ring in to one
phone number, and then ring in to yet another phone number after a
designated time period ie. say after 6:00 pm rings in to a phone
number in another state).

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