If you've been saving your unsolicited faxes (junk faxes) AND you live in California

If you've been saving your unsolicited faxes (junk faxes) AND you live in California

Post by Michael Mill » Wed, 09 Jan 2002 00:59:11

If you've been saving your unsolicited faxes (junk faxes) and you live
in California, then either e-mail me or post here how many junk faxes
you have physically saved in the last 12 months and whether you are
willing to be a plaintiff added to my class action suit.

I'm going to file the largest class action in history against these

And I've already lined up a bunch of top tier law firms to represent
me against your favorite junk faxers such as fax.com, 21st Century
Faxes LTD (the folks who send out the 900 number yes/no polling
question), Market News Alert (run by Richard Spradling), Wall Street
Watch, and a bunch of others that will be revealed shortly. We have a
number of plantiffs already, but we'd like to get a couple more.

I just don't want to miss anyone important in the class action. It
will be in the billions.
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1. Unsolicited (Junk) Faxes?

My parents receive one or two just fax advertisements a day.  I've
read that sending a fax unsolicited is illegal, and punishable by a
$1,500 fine.  Where can I find information on how to follow up on
this?  Has anyone here actually collected any money?  With the number
of faxes they're getting, this might be worthwhile.



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I am certain when your request is read
here, many people will contact you with all the rules. Unsolicited
faxes are quite illegal, but very few people bother to follow up
trying to collect on them.   PAT]

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