What's Up With the NANP

What's Up With the NANP

Post by John R Levi » Tue, 05 Apr 1994 23:13:30

I just picked up this FCC news release from the fcc.gov ftp server.
Despite the date, it's real.



Report No. DC-2581         ACTION IN DOCKET CASE        April 1, 1994

                          NUMBERING PLAN PROPOSED
                          (CC DOCKET NO. 92-237)

     The Commission has proposed to establish a new, non-government
entity to administer the North America Numbering Plan (NANP).
Administration of the NANP has evolved from its earlier focus on
conventional area codes to include other numbering resources such as
service access codes (e.g., 500 and 900 codes), N11 codes (e.g., 411),
and carrier identification codes.  As a result, the NANP administrator
coordinates many of the telephone numbers used in the United States,
Canada, and other parts of North America.  To explore issues
pertaining to future administration of the NANP, the Commission opened
this docket with a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) in October 1992.

     The NOI divided the docket into two phases.  Phase I requested
comment on the identification of an appropriate entity to administer
the NANP, future funding for such administration, and how such
administration might be improved.  Phase II sought comment on the
costs, benefits and technical issues associated with expanding Feature
Group D (FGD) Carrier Identification Codes (CICs) from a three-digit
to a four-digit format.  The expanded format has been proposed to
avoid premature exhaustion of the current supply of three-digit FGD

     In this Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the Commission tentatively
concluded that ministerial administration of the NANP should be
undertaken by a new, non-government entity and that the FCC should
impose fees to offset the costs of regulating US numbering resources.
The Commission also asked for comment on whether it, in conjunction
with other World Zone 1 regulators, should impose numbering charges to
finance future international administration of NANP.  In addition, the
Commission sought comment, on whether a new numbering policy board
should be established to assist regulators.

     With respect to Phase II, the Commission tentatively concluded
that FGD CICS should be expanded to a four-digit format. In addition,
it proposed to specify a transition period of six years during which
subscribers could use both the current three digit and the new
four-digit FGD CICs.  The Commission also sought comment on whether it
should require local exchange carriers in equal access areas to
deliver interstate, intraLATA "1+" MTS calls to the carrier preselected
by the end user.  In addition, the Commission sought comment on the
need, if any or for a nationally uniform dialing pattern that would
use the digit "1" as a toll call identifier.

     Action by the Commission March 30, 1994, by Notice of Proposed
Rulemaking (FCC 94-79).  Chairman Hundt, Commissioner Quello and

     New Media contract: Rosemary Kimball at (202) 632-5050.
     Common Carrier Bureau contact: Peyton Wynns at (202)


What's Up With the NANP

Post by Michael Israe » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 06:44:29

Where can one write or e-mail to state an opinion on this to?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I suppose one can now contact the FCC
via their new online thing with the net which we have been hearing
about. Does anyone know if the mail can go both directions on that
or if pen and paper still required?  :)    PAT]