Battery power support today

Battery power support today

Post by Andrew Care » Tue, 05 Jul 2011 01:15:09

Quote:> I've never seen T-carrier run off anything but loop voltage, aka
> span power. That's why there's 130 vdc to bite you when you are
> on the pair...

> And since that span power is appled by/at the CO..

T-carrier runs on a constant nominal 60mA current. Voltage can vary from
0 to 260VDC (+130VDC & -130VDC).

The network inteface unit (NIU), which is the termination at the
customer prem, can be span or locally powered. The line repeaters in
between can be span powered in two ways. The standard way is straight
through from one end, almost always from the central office. The other
way is to set a line repeater in the middle to loop the power in both
directions, which allow powering from both ends for extremely long
spans. Note that this is for powering only, the signal flow is still end
to end.


1. PC Card Sportster X2--Battery Power vs. AC Power

I have a strange and annoying problem.  I recently purchased a USR Sportster
SP1336 PC card modem for my IBM Thinkpad 385ED.  I flashed the modem to X2
right after I got it.  However, I have noticed that now modem performance
depends on how the laptop is powered (battery or AC).

If I connect to my ISP when the laptop is plugged in, Win95 reports a 48kbps
connection (every time) and throughput is AWFUL!  I get 1k/sec downloads and
sometimes even slower.  If I unplug the laptop so it runs off of the battery
(while it is still connected), throughput goes up to what I would expect
with an X2 modem.  If I connect to my ISP when the laptop is powered by the
battery, throughput is great.  If I then plug the machine in to AC power,
downloads will slow to a crawl.

This is extraordinarily annoying!  Now I need to make sure my battery has a
good charge before I connect to the internet and surf the web.  I sure wish
it was the other way around--you usually have an AC outlet handy if you
happen to be using a modem.

I have tried everything!  At first I thought my power management was messed
up, but those settings don't seem to make a difference.  I've tried dimming
the display, turning off the display, using different AC outlets and phone
jacks, yada yada yada.  I sent USR a few different emails about this
problem, but they just sent a generic "problems with X2" form letter.

Should I be bothering USR (3com) or IBM?  As far as I can tell, I'm using
the latest drivers for the modem.  If ANYONE has any suggestions I would
greatly appreciate it!

Thank you very much!

Adam Espeseth

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