Comcast High-Speed Internet Enhances to Become

Comcast High-Speed Internet Enhances to Become

Post by Monty Solomo » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 10:33:45

     Comcast High-Speed Internet Enhances to Become
     Broadband Destination Site

Movie Trailers, Magazine-Quality Pictures, Games, Videos, News, Financial
Tools and More Highlight Broadband Experience at New

PHILADELPHIA, July 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Comcast High-Speed Internet
customers now can experience a rich selection of multimedia services,
features and content with the recent improvements to, a
newly developed premier broadband destination site that comes included
with Comcast High-Speed Internet service. is designed to
help customers take full advantage of the power and capabilities of
their high-speed, always-on Internet connections.



1. Some newbie questions re Comcast high-speed internet service


I just accepted Comcast's $21.95 ( plus $3 for leasing their cable modem)
for 5 months offer. Their technician is scheduled to come in for the
basic installation this coming Wednesday.

I have a Dell Dimension desktop running Win2K and a Toshiba Tecra laptop,
also running Win2K. Both machines have NIC cards.

The distance of the cable outlet is about 20 feet from where my desktop
is.  Whenever I use my laptop at home, I could use it within 5 - 6 feet
from the cable outlet.

I have been thinking about purchasing the following :

1. A wireless router that would connect to the cable modem that I'm
leasing from Comcast
2. A wireless USB adapter that I could connect to either my desktop or my
laptop depending on which I am using.

My questions :

1. Does the configuration I am thinking of make sense ? What other
configurations are possible ?
2. Are there specific brands/models that work well with Comcast cable
modems ?
3. Are there brands/models that are good regardless of ISP equipment (in
case I need to switch from Comcast in the near future) ?
4. I read some posts on Usenet where people were talking about Comcast
planning to discontinue their usenet servers. Is this true ? Could
someone post a link to this story ?
5. Are there any risks associated with asking for a basic versus premium
installation ? I am fairly computer literate but my concern is linked to
my ability of being able to determine if a fault is in Comcast's service
or my equipment/software


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