Fraud Prevention Seminar

Fraud Prevention Seminar

Post by Hector O Myerst » Fri, 19 Mar 1993 06:19:31

Golden Gate University, in association with the San Francisco Bay Area
of the Tele-Communications Association (TCA), is sponsoring a one day
seminar on TOLL FRAUD. (They are against it! :-))

Date/Time:  March 31 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Location:   Golden Gate University, Southbay Campus
            5050 El Camino Los Altos, CA
Cost:       $100 ($75 for TCA members)
            Information/Registration:  (415) 961-3000 or (408) 749-1699


1. Phone GIFs & JPGs - M1 Fraud Prevention - Cool Links

On my site, I have zip file containing 37+ telephone images
you can download (and  preview first), a "beginners guide
to Meridian 1 security audit" you can print, and a list of
telecom links that rivals the best commercial site.

Visit "Gene's Phone Home Page" at


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