Busy Signal Received via Orange Card

Busy Signal Received via Orange Card

Post by VLD/V » Tue, 11 May 1993 22:22:23

Today, I tried a call via Orange Card to 302-737 prefix from 410-272

I followed the normal procedure:

1-800-xxx-xxxx (the Orange Card switch number)

(get steady tone)

The digits from Orange Card, then 302-737-xxxx, then the PIN.  Twice I
did this and got a busy signal which was of the same speed but of much
higher pitch than the normal busy signal I'd get from an ESS switch,
which is what I think 302-737 uses.  Any clue as to what is going on?
(I then used this procedure to call another number on 302-737 and got
thru to the normal ringing signal.)

[Moderator's Note: Has it happened before or since, with the same
number or other numbers?  I suspect the distant phone was busy is all.
Do you think something else might have been involved?   PAT]