Information Wanted on Cellular Band Plan

Information Wanted on Cellular Band Plan

Post by Steve Sche » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Could anyone point me to a Web or ftp site housing the various
base-mobile specs for AMPS cellular, especially a band plan showing
the channel assignments?

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1. Telecomm Disaster Recovery Plan Information Wanted

As part of an effort at two of our sites we have written a Disaster
Recovery plan to cover the voice and data sides of the business.

We are interested in obtaining/reviewing/discussing plans with others
in a similar setting. This could be done through Benchmarking,
information sharing or a PID.

Interested parties, please contact me directly.


Howard Pierpont           508.568.6165
Digital Equipment Corp.   77 Reed Road HLO2-2/C10   Hudson, MA 01749

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disclaimer applies.

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