Using DSO-DP channel units back-to-back [telecom]

Using DSO-DP channel units back-to-back [telecom]

Post by Bill Horn » Tue, 05 Jul 2011 06:20:51

I've been told that some LEC's use DSO-DP channel units back-to-back,
to connect one channel bank to another when they have a voice-only
circuit that needs to go through a "tandem point" office.

Now, theorietically, this should work, but I can't shake the feeling
that DSO-DP's shouldn't be used for tandem service, probably because
I've never seen it done before.

Any T-1 engineers out there? Is there a reason why DSO-DP CU's aren't
the best choice for tandem service, i.e., that a 4ETO or TDM unit
would work better? I understand that DSO-DP's won't carry signalling
from one T-1 bank to another, but are they adequate for voice-only

Inquiring minds want to know. ;-)


Bill Horne
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