Archives Renovation Mostly Complete

Archives Renovation Mostly Complete

Post by TELECOM Digest Edito » Wed, 14 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Over the past couple weeks, I have spent a bit of time making some
improvements to the Telecom Archives web site
and request that readers check it out at this time. The latest changes
were Tuesday afternoon; if you have not been there since sometime
early Tuesday, you missed the latest 'fine tuning'.

Praise is fine, but I am more interested in bugs found, complaints
about the layout, etc. For those of you who asked about what I look
like, you can now see an eight minute audiovisual presentation as
part of your visit. Other new additions include a Y-2-K countdown
clock, background music for Internet Explorer users (Netscape users
will be taken care of soon I hope, it is a problem with MIME configs
at, the addition of a multiple-engine search service,
a newswire ticker as part of the chat room, and a couple other minor

Large parts of it are strung together through javascripting, and this
being my first attempt at writing javascripts, I am still somewhat
unsure of the end results. So that there is no misunderstanding later,
I do hand you a cookie on your visit and ask for one back on your
subsequent visits. It is a harmless cookie used for esthetic and
amu*t reasons only; it places your name, the number of times you
have visited, etc in the header of the main page. You are free to
decline it or erase it later if you wish.

You are also free to do a raw dump of the various pages and examine
(and comment upon) the javascripts I coded. If you know java well,
and I am sure some of you do, **I highly value your comments, your
re-write of the script in more effecient ways, etc** I am sure any
professional web page designer could do a better job than I did.

I suggest if you have both major browsers, try Internet Explorer first,
version 4 or higher. *Then* use Netscape. I have a long ways to go
before I will be happy with it, and maybe if you know how to write the
type of scripts I did there, you can do it a lot better.

I do want replies, comments, etc.


Patrick Townson