'Wi-Fi' Gives Cell Carriers Static

'Wi-Fi' Gives Cell Carriers Static

Post by Monty Solomo » Mon, 02 Dec 2002 15:59:09

Wireless firms' expensive bet looks increasingly risky
By Jesse Drucker and Julia Angwin

Nov. 29 - At first glance, software executive John Baron would seem to
be a cellphone company's dream. He subscribes to the slow Internet
browsing option on his cellphone, painfully pecking away on the dial
pad to type in Web addresses. Lately, though, he has found a better
way: When on the road, he uses Wi-Fi, the technology that gives him
wireless access to the Internet on his laptop computer, at blazing
speeds. "It's brilliant," he says. "The phone stuff is pretty clunky."

ONCE VIEWED as little more than a toy for tech hobbyists, Wi-Fi -
short for wireless fidelity - is starting to emerge as a serious force
in the Internet business. Chip maker Intel Corp. is integrating it
into new microprocessors it's building for laptop computers. Philips
Electronics NV is planning to build it into remote controls and stereo
systems. And Dell Computer Corp. is similarly seeding its PCs with
Wi-Fi. Airports, hotels and Starbucks Corp.  outlets are increasingly
awash in Wi-Fi radio signals.



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