NET Etiquette Question

NET Etiquette Question

Post by George Bon » Wed, 27 Apr 1994 05:47:26

QUESTION:  I am a Recruiter that is curious about posting potential
job opportunities that are related to this news thread.  I have
posted to the* groups and I was wondering what the proper
etiquette is for cross posting.  Please reply via email to:

Thank you.
George Bonce


1. NET Etiquette Question and Green Cards

Interesting that someone is now asking before posting. I applaud that.

One the other hand, there was a full page article about the phoenix
"lawyer" who feels happy at exploiting what he did ... and get this ...
is planning to write a *book* instructing others on how to
advertise on the net.

This despite apparently promising two different providers that he'd not
do it again. It seems he thinks he's found a "loophole" and plans to
continue exploiting it.

I wouldn't surprise me that this, and the reported efforts of a couple
of radio stations to "broadcast" on the net, will soon cause a major
change in the net ... perhaps even bringing parts of it to an end as
free/low cost access.
Barry Mishkind

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