More on Cable & Wireless 800 Service

More on Cable & Wireless 800 Service

Post by Steve Forret » Wed, 15 Aug 1990 09:51:17

I've gotten several questions about my previous posting, and summarize

Signal quality is good, at least to my ear (I don't have a Trailblazer
to give quantitative results, though).  Cable & Wireless claims to
have a 100% digital network.  Most of my experience has been in
intra-state calls, so cross-country calls may or may not be a
different story.

Call completion time is slower than AT&T direct dial, but is

Detailed billing (with caller's ANI) is not available.  You get a
daily summary, as well as subtotals for hour of the day and day of the

Customer service cannot be reached from Canada.  There is no POTS
number to call.  Also, programmable 800 cannot terminate in Canada,
although a US user can receive calls from there if you pay for the
option.  They claim to be working on Canadian customer service for
availablility by year's end, but don't know more than that.

They have about six prefixes from which to choose.


1. Cable & Wireless 800 Service (MCI and Telecom*USA, too)

Steve Forrette mentioned that Cable & Wireless provides 800 service
for rates comparable to U.S. Sprint before they jacked up the price
$5/month.  Plus, they optionally provide remote programming of the
forwarding number for your 800 calls.  I checked C&W out when I was
originally looking into the 800 LDCs, and unfortunately, they only
offer it in certain area codes.  Mine is not one of them. :-( I called
them again today and confirmed this is still the case.  (If anyone is
interested, it is 517; Lansing, MI.)

I also called MCI about their "Follow Me 800" service, but the
representatives did not have any information available at this time,
and said "you will be hearing more about it."  I guess we'll see about
that.  I wonder if this too, will be a "shared" 800 number, or if they
will finally assign you your own number.

Finally, our Moderator's 800 carrier, Telecom*USA, has been consumed
by MCI, and will not allow new customers to add 800 service at the
incredible monthly rate of only $2.75/month.  They direct all your
calls to MCI, where they try to sell you MCI Personal (Shared) 800
with the infamous "personal security code".  I guess Pat is just lucky
he jumped on the bandwagon when he did! :-)

So the search continues for an 800 LDC besides U.S. Sprint.  Any more

I'll keep everyone posted.

[Moderator's Note: Except that *existing* customers of Telecom*USA at
the time of the MCI merger are still being serviced through
Telecom*USA customer service, and they still let us add/delete or
change around our 800 numbers as desired for $2.75 each.   PAT]

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