Data-Communication on Voice Lines in Bell Atlantic Territory

Data-Communication on Voice Lines in Bell Atlantic Territory

Post by DAVIDSO » Fri, 04 Feb 1994 14:35:25

In issue #56 Michael W. Jacobs, Service Technician Bell Atlantic-

> 2) Noise on the line is not the only determinant of data transmission
> speed.  Depending on the circuit makeup (loaded or non-loaded, pair
> gain or copper, and length/number of bridge taps), and overall
> distance from the CO, a voice-grade telephone line may not be able to
> carry speeds over 1200 baud.  Most telcos do not guarrantee that you
> can send data at all!  A voice line is just that, for voice.
> Conditioned dial-up data circuits are available from most telephone
> companies; there may or may not be an additional charge to improve
> the line transmission to accommodate your required data rate.

I don't question the data provided here, but I suggest the "plug" for
a conditioned line may be overstated.  I have found now at two
locations that a trouble call to 611 has resulted in a visit from a
repairman who in both instances swapped pairs until he found me a
quieter one.  In one case, this was an internal job at my business
location and required tracing lines through 4-5 junction boxes in a
70+ year old three story building.  The repairman came back twice.  In
the other case, it was at my temporary residence, the repairman took
10-15 minutes to find a quieter pair and even set-up a new demarc for
it.  I paid nothing in either case to assure reliable 14.4Kbps connections.

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