Acoustic Coupling of DTMF

Acoustic Coupling of DTMF

Post by David Josephs » Thu, 09 Sep 1993 11:24:11


It may seem misguided, but I'm involved with a project that requires
acoustic coupling of touch-tones to an ordinary telephone handset,
much like the Casio address book watches. Is there a spec for level,
twist, etc. for acoustically coupled tones?  Can someone here provide
a pointer for the electrical spec for level and twist?



1. Acoustic Modem/Coupler

Has anyone used acoustic modems or acoustic couplers?

I have located names of some brands (Targus Surelink,
Konexx Koupler, and something called Telecoupler) on
websites in the USA market.  

Has anyone used these or any other brand of acoustic
modem or acoustic coupler?  Which ones seem to
work?  Which ones don't work?  What is the maximum
speed I'm likely to see from them, and how much does
that depend on the quality of the phone handset?

Eric Lindsay
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