Pac*Bell Information Superbunk

Pac*Bell Information Superbunk

Post by John Higd » Mon, 16 Jan 1995 10:31:13

I have been keeping my suspicions to myself, but after closely
examining exactly what it is that Pac*Bell has been installing in my
backyard lately, it would appear that the emperor has no clothes.

We have been hearing much about Pac*Bell's Information Superhighway and
many have believed that the infrastruction the company is now
installing to enable its entry into the cable TV business was a
necessary evil to get the greatly improved telephone services.

An examination of what has been proported to be "fiber" in my back yard
is nothing more than coaxial cable--the exact same sort of thing TCI
has back there to deliver cable TV. In other words, the antiquated and
totally inadequate outside plant that barely provides telephone service
in my neighborhood is going to continue to "perform" unassisted by this
new construction. I have tolerated work crews tromping around behind my
house in the vain belief that this work would someday improve my
telephone service. Apparently, not true.

So for those of you who would never entrust your telephone service to a
cable company, I have bad news for you. If you are a Pac*Bell customer,
you already ARE buying your phone service from a cable TV company. So
what I have behind my house now amounts to two separate cable TV
facilities (TCI and Pac*Bell), plus an antiquated telephone cable with no

So just when IS TCI going to offer dial tone?

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Pac*Bell Information Superbunk

Post by Steven H. Licht » Mon, 16 Jan 1995 14:58:31

I believe that TCI is now offering dial tone in a couple of test sites.
And now a Federal Court in *a has said that telephone companies
can now offer Cable Service in their franchised areas, this was a GTE
case involving a system in *a, but the way the court ruled it
will effect all phone companies in that courts area and other courts
can use it if they want, now you are going to see a lot of that. Also
in an area near me TCI bought the local cable company and has installed
a fiber backbone and it does not look like it is for cable service since
the area in small industry. I myself working for a phone company wish
that each would just stay in its own area and just try and keep rates
in line. But what can I say, when I ask managers I know they just say
that is the industry evolving.
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1. Request for information about Pac Bell DSL for free-lance article

Request for Information about Pac Bell DSL for free-lance article
Are you or have you ever been a customer of Pac Bell Internet's DSL
service? If so I would be very interested in hearing about your
experiences with the service in regards to reliability, quality,
customer/technical service and overall satisfaction with the service.
Are you currently or have you ever been a subscriber of Pac Bell's DSL
service? If you had the service but you canceled why did you cancel
the service? When timeframe did you have the service? What was your
expectation of the service when you first subscribed? Was that
expectation met? Please describe,
If you had any experiences either good or bad with Pac Bell DSL please
describe. I am interested in detailed horror stories and success
stories. What worked well? What type of problems have you had with the
The reason that I am doing this research is that I am in the process
of writing a free-lance article concerning Pac Bell's DSL service from
when it was first introduced to the present. How the service has
improved (or gotten worse) over time.
If you have any ideas for additional resources I would be very
grateful. I am especially interested in talking to any individuals
that worked for Pac Bell Internet or ASI. In addition I am looking for
copies of the Pac Bell DSL ads that have been used over time.
If you wish to describe your experiences, provide additional
information or have any questions simply e-mail me at


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