Keeping an 800 Number (was: Selling an 800 Number)

Keeping an 800 Number (was: Selling an 800 Number)

Post by Paulo Sant » Sat, 18 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Our Moderator wrote about 800 numbers:

Quote:> Technically speaking, your number is not yours to sell. Read the tariff.
> Telco can grab it back at any time they choose to do so in the conduct
> of their business.

Really?  Let's see.  I have an 800 number that is a vanity number (it
spells something).  I paid money to be able to select my own number
way back in the days when prefix determined long distance company.  I
even had to endure for several years a carrier for my 800 number that
was not my first choice just to have that number.

Are you saying that now *telco* (who is telco, anyway?) can just come and
take away my number just because someone else wants it?  I find that hard
to believe, and if it is true, it is extremely unfair.  Also, what tariff are
you referring to?  Since 800 numbers are not owned by any specific telco,
it can't be a telco-specific tariff, can it?

I would agree that the tariffs may say that telco may change my number
if operational demands require so.  For example, if all 800 numbers were
changed from seven to eight digits, I'd have to accept changing my number.
If all 800 numbers moved to 888, I'd have to accept that too.

But can they take away my number just to sell it to the someone else?
Will they do the same for me and get me 800-VID-BARE if I claim that I
need it?

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: 'Telco' is just a generic term which
refers to telephone companies and long distance carriers in general.
And no, I don't think they would be brassy or nervy enough to just
take your number and sell it to someone else. You can bet though,
that in any situation where re-numbering is required they'll change
your number in a minute if it suits them. And re-numbering can be
required for a variety of reasons, one being that very very large
accounts of telco (major corporations, etc) need to obtain new
numbers, etc.  I doubt it will be a situation where a large company
says specifically 'we want that particular 800 number' and telco
will pull it from you and give it to them. I rather think it will
be a case where the large corporations prevail on telco to give them
exclusive use of the 800 space making all residence users move to
888.  PAT]


1. Pin 800 Numbers (was Re: MCI One Breaks its 800 Number Service)


This is especially true for anyone thinking of obtaining or currently
has a "pin" 800 number (an 800 number that will only connect after a
certain number of extra digits "pin" have been added).  The reason of
course is that thousands of other customers may have the same 800
number, but with a different "pin".  

I had a gal in Texas call me yesterday (an Excel Rep using MCI)
wanting to do just that, until she mentioned that it was a "pin" 800
number.  So she decided to obtain a new 888 number instead.  Pin 800
numbers tend to offer a higher cost per minute than the usual $0.109
to $0.129 (interstate rate) 800/888 service.  800/888 Service has a
lot of features that customers are usually not informed about because
of the additional set-up charges or paperwork that has to be

For example; you can block your 800/888 number from certain area codes
or regions (thus eliminating unwanted calls from those areas),
establish time of day routing (800/888 number will ring in to one
phone number, and then ring in to yet another phone number after a
designated time period ie. say after 6:00 pm rings in to a phone
number in another state).

Keith Brown
CallCom International

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