GTE PCS/Global Roam

GTE PCS/Global Roam

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February 2, 1995


GTE Personal Communications Services and DeTeMobil today announced an
agreement to offer international cellular roaming service.  With the
service, called GlobalRoam(SM), a traveler's cellular roaming capability
will ultimately be expanded to most countries in the world.

"American business travelers will have the same communications mobility from
country to country as they already have domestically from city to city," said
Jerry Waylan, executive vice president-product management and business
development, GTE PCS.  "Our research clearly indicates a need and desire for
this service."

In 1993, 3.7 million business people traveled between the U.S. and
Europe," said Roland Mahler, executive director of product management
mobile telephony services, DeTeMobil.  "As the marketplace becomes
increasingly global, we are making sure that business communications
are keeping pace."

Through this agreement, each company will have its own gateway to
provide interoperability between their two different cellular
transmission standards.  GTE, along with all other carriers in North
and South America, uses analog cellular radio technology known as the
AMPS standard, which stands for Advanced Mobile Phone Service.  Most
other countries in the world have adopted a digital cellular system
known as the GSM standard, which stands for Global System for Mobile
communications.  Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of DeTeMobil,
played a leading role in the development of GSM.

Initially, DeTeMobil subscribers will have access to North American
cellular services.  Through international roaming agreements between
DeTeMobil and other GSM network operators, North American subscribers,
through their local carriers, will be able to use worldwide GSM
networks.  In the summer of 1995, GlobalRoam will be available in more
than 30 countries, and will eventually be expanded to include
countries with other cellular standards.

GTE PCS will market the service initially to large U.S. corporate
customers and then to North American cellular carriers including GTE
Mobilnet and Contel Cellular, who will offer the service to their
customers under the GlobalRoam service name.  DeTeMobil will offer
GlobalRoam to GSM cellular carriers.

Subscribers to the GlobalRoam service will receive a "smart card,"
programmed with an identification number and other customer information.  
For travel outside the U.S. and Canada, they will purchase or rent a
GSM mobile phone that accepts the card.  The phones will be available
for overnight shipment.  When subscribers use the phone in a foreign
network, calls to their home cellular phone number will automatically
be directed to their GSM phone, which will operate in any country
where DeTeMobil has a roaming agreement with the respective network
operator.  "Ultimately, we expect manufacturers to develop dual mode,
AMPS/GSM cellular phones, which can be used at home as well as in
other countries," Waylan said.

All charges will appear on the customers "home" cellular phone bill as
international roaming charges.  The GlobalRoam service will be made
available to cellular carriers at a flat wholesale rate, per-minute
airtime charge, plus toll, and a one-time activation fee with recurring
monthly charges per subscriber.  Cellular carriers can then retail
this service to their subscribers.  Additionally, as an option, the
carrier can provide to North American travelers a debit "smart card."
A $100 debit card, for example, would cover the cost of $100 in
airtime and toll charges.  The debit card will initially be available
for use in Germany.

GTE Telecommunication Services Inc. (GTE TSI) will facilitate this
service by providing the AMPS/GSM gateway in North America.  In
addition, GTE TSI -- which provides advanced software services to the
wireless industry -- will provide billing record translation and
clearing services so that charges for the international roaming
service will be included on customers standard cellular telephone
bills.  For additional information on this service, call 1-800-798-ROAM.

Deutsche Telekom Mobilfunk GmbH (DeTeMobil), headquartered in Bonn, is
a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom AG, dealing with
mobile communication services.  The company is Germanys largest
provider of these services and one of the largest in Europe with more
than 2.2 million customers at the end of 1994.  DeTeMobil is the
operator of the digital network D1 and played a leading role in the
development of the successful international GSM standard Global System
for Mobile Communications.

       GlobalRoam to be available in summer 1995 in these countries:

                        Australia       Latvia
                        Austria         Luxembourg
                        Belgium         Netherlands
                        Canada          Norway
                        Denmark         Philippines
                        Estonia         Portugal
                        Finland         Singapore
                        France          South Africa
                        Germany         Spain
                        Greece          Sweden
                        Hong Kong       Switzerland
                        Hungary         Turkey
                        Iceland         United Arab Emirates
                        Indonesia       United Kingdom
                        Ireland         United States

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GTE PCS/Global Roam

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CO/NY has already launched a similar service (January 1995). CO/NY
customers get a SIM card (they call it a CellCard) for $49.99/year.
They can then purchase or rent a GSM phone and can roam in 23 GSM
countries. The agreement is with Vodaphone in the UK. Incoming calls
must be routed through the customer's NY cellular number. The cost of
roaming is a flat $2.49/minute for outgoing calls regardless of
destination (local or international) and $2.49/minute + toll from NYC
for incoming calls.


1. GTE PCS/Global Roam


In the original announcement there was something about "dual mode
phones" and roaming between technically different systems.

An American subscriber can roam a GSM (or DCS) net because his SIM
card tells the GSM operator all it needs to know.  There is however
one catch here.  The other way around doesn't work as smoothly.  I
suppose you've read the horror stories about US-Australian AMPS
roaming here in the Digest.

Intersystem roaming would be very easy if there only were some standard
for SIM cards.  Or at least if all new systems used some sort of subsriber


1)      Are any of the proposed American PCS systems going to
        use SIMs?

2)      Are there any global standards been proposed for SIMs?

Sam   <A HREF="">Sam Spens Clason</A>

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