New 'voice over DSL' launch set in Boston

New 'voice over DSL' launch set in Boston

Post by Monty Solomo » Tue, 30 Oct 2001 23:49:53

New 'voice over DSL' launch set in Boston

By Peter J. Howe, 10/29/2001

In the first big commercial deployment of the technology in Boston,
Broadview Networks this week is launching a new ''voice over DSL''
service that uses the same bandwidth-maximizing technology of
broadband digital subscriber lines to squeeze up to 16 telephone
lines from one standard phone connection.

Broadview, a New York-based business phone company, said it is
deploying the technology at 10 switching stations serving parts of
Boston and 13 suburbs: Cambridge, Everett, Framingham, Lynn, Malden,
Medford, Melrose, Newton, Quincy, Swampscott, Winchester, Winthrop,
and Woburn.

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I just got the MSN/Rhythms RADSL service (7.1mbps, $49.95/mo). My line
trained at the full rate (I'm ~7000 ft. from my CO), but I'm only getting
~320Kbps. This fact may be unrelated to my main question, but maybe not...

I need to know what 'burst service' means. They are using DMT-2 modulation
(Cisco 677 dsl modem, 6130 DSLAM), and burst service is a part of the
implementation. One mildly knowledgeable person said that by doing a large
packet size (~1500 bytes), repetitive ping to a good speed server would
cause the burst service to raise the downstream speed. This may very well be
an artifact, but doesn't explain anything. Help please.

Thank you,


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