Is "Call Waiting Caller ID" Different Than "Caller ID"?

Is "Call Waiting Caller ID" Different Than "Caller ID"?

Post by Joh » Mon, 15 Apr 2002 08:01:54

If I buy a phone or modem and it doesn't specify that it supports
"Call Waiting Caller ID" it probably doesn't support that feature,

"Call Waiting Caller ID" is fairly new, right? So if I bought a modem
that supports "Caller ID" a few years ago, it probably doesn't support
"Call Waiting Caller ID", right?

Do any of the cheap modems ($20) support "Call Waiting Caller ID"?

I want my Linux box to log all my calls so I want a cheap modem
connected to it for this purpose. I have a USR Sportster Voice/FAX
33.6 external that supports "Caller ID" that I can use, but it doesn't
say it supports "Call Waiting Caller ID".




1. Is "Call Waiting Caller ID" Different Than "Caller ID"?

CWID is supported by the V.92 protocol.

The "problem" I see in what you're trying to do is that the modem will
only pick up the CWID info while it it is off hook.

So, If you have broadband access to the 'net, and just want to use
your modem to act as a call-logger (incoming calls only), it will only
log "first calls", NOT calls coming in while you're already on the

I have a USR Courier V.Everything ... and I'm waiting fo the V.92
upgrade from their web site.

I think what you really need is something like a telephony card like a
Brooktrout or something like that.

Don Russell


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