NY Tel (NYNEX) Service Problems...

NY Tel (NYNEX) Service Problems...

Post by Andrew Boardm » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 21:06:00

[Especially for those of you who wanted to hear any other service outage
reports, this one hits too close to home...]

>    There is a half-page ad in todays New York Times from NYTel offering
>a $25,000 reward to "the person who first provides information to New York
>Telephone in each instance that results in arrest and conviction of any
>person or persons for intentional destruction of telephone facilities."

There is a roadside frame in a field just down the street from my home
where several hundred subsciber lines emerge from the subterannean
depths; yesterday (Thursday) night someone apparently cut all the
wires in and out of it, (I happened to be online at the time, too!)
and my friendly NYTel rep tells me that this has been happening all
over the neighborhood.  Sure enough, as I drove to work today, NYT
service vans dotted the landsape, including a complement of *four* at
the above-mentioned location.  (Hey, I though they were all on strike!
:-) As I sit here without telephone service for a few days, I just
hope that I catch the same people in the act; I could use $25,000...
(Another note: this is all within a test-set's throw of the NYT
Midstate Headquarters.)

Andrew Boardman


1. New Service From NY Tel - 'Reverse Directory'

Just caught the following public notice ad in {Newsday}, Dec 29, 1993
(tore it out without markking down the page number):

"Notice of proposed changes in Telephone company regulations"

"Notice is hereby given .... to be effective Feb 4, 1993 ... for Reverse
Directory Assistance:

RDA provides callers with the listed name, listed address, including
zip code if available, for a given business or government telephone

The ad goes on to say that it will be available in the 'Downstate
Metropolitan LATA", and explains how useful it will be.

Charge is listed at $0.45 "per given telephone number."

Note a few points: This is ONLY for business and government listings.
Also, it's not clear from the wording what happens if you ask for a
residential or an unlisted number. Also unmentioned is what happens if
you call NYC directory assistance using a long distance carrier.

Take care,

danny     (10288) 0-700-864-3242

intelligence, accuracy apply. spelling disclaimer is doubled.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: If it works like the same service in
Chicago, it won't be reachable through directory assistance. You will
dial a seven digit number. That number will carry a toll charge of
45 cents per call/lookup, and on long distance calls, only the
regular toll charge (from wherever the person is calling) will apply.  PAT]

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