Cellphone Etiquette? Hello?

Cellphone Etiquette? Hello?

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With her website, Carol Page hopes to ring in an era of conversation

By Ashlea Deahl, Globe Correspondent, 7/26/2003

Calling all cellphone users and abusers. If you spot Carol Page in
public -- look for the salt-and-pepper hair and the sidelong glances --
beware. She's watching and listening to see whether you mind your

It would defy stereotype to suggest that cellphone users can be quiet,
even courteous. But among the crowds of oblivious yappers, cellphone
etiquette does exist, says Page, a Boston writer who operates
cellmanners.com, a website that promotes civil cellphone use. The
problem, she says, is that most people rarely follow 'the rules.'




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When I worked for Grumman Aerospace in the late '60s, I was on a Space
Station proposal effort for a while.  (you see how far things have
progressed in 25 years :-( ) Anyway, the secretary used to answer the
phone (which had Direct Inward Dialing) "Space Station".  All too
often the result was a couple of seconds of stunned silence or a
"huh", followed by a hangup.  This was at the time of the Apollo
flights, and well, some people thought they had a REAL long distance
wrong number!

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