m13 mux needed

m13 mux needed

Post by Kevin Berna » Thu, 05 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Looking for DS3 mux with snmp capability


1. M13 mux comparison


i am looking for an m13 mux (ds3 to 28 ds1 mux), no fancy
features required. i was quoted several different ones and was wondering if
anyone out there has opinions. the ones quoted were:  

dmt-300         nortel
rc-28d          nec
fujm13elect     fujitsu

all are electrical, non-optic, which should fit our requirements and are in
the same price range. are these m13's comparable or is there a glaring
winner? i have no experience with these muxes so if anyone has comments or
suggestions of other ones, i would appreciate it very much.


phillip kim

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