Busy Signal After Other Party Hangs Up

Busy Signal After Other Party Hangs Up

Post by MME4F.. » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 21:22:00

    Here in scenic, downtown, San Marcos, Texas, the local telephone system
    (SM TELCOM, a.k.a, the San Marcos Telephone Company) has the annoying
    habit of immediately generating a busy signal on your phone line when
    someone hangs up before you do.  Is there any technical reason for this?
    It's really irritating, particularly since you sometimes get to listen to
    five to ten seconds worth of busy signal after each message left on your
    answering machine. :-(.

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1. Fax Modem won't hang up on busy signal

I have tried several modems with my Procomm Plus 2.11 (PCP) and the same
symptom appears.  When in data mode the modem hangs up if it runs into a
busy signal (after approximately two "busy beeps", if that's what they are
called), but in fax mode the modem stays "off-hook" until it times out.

With WinFax Lite the modems all will hang up after a couple of "beeps".
I have tried the latest modem in another computer with two other comm
programs and in all instances the busy signal was detected and acted upon.
The modems are a Telepath II 14.4 data/fax, a GVC 14.4 voice/data/fax and a
GVC 28.8/33.6 data/fax.

This leads me to think that there is something in my ProcommPlus 2.11 that
is not progamming the modems to respond to the busy signal when sending a
fax. I cannot find anything in the manuals referring to an AT command
or setting for "hang up if busy after "n" beeps or seconds" or something
like this.

Is there an AT command for this or a fix in PCP?

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