Jargon Overload! (Not a Flame!)

Jargon Overload! (Not a Flame!)

Post by Isaac Rabinovit » Mon, 28 May 1990 01:40:58

>This is one of the things (along with Centrex, pagers, answering
>services, and other heavy DID customers) that is responsible for the
>depletion of our NPAs. CLASS could eliminate much of the waste. For
>instance, answering services would see which customer was forwarding
>to their *one* number and answer accordingly. No DID required.


Sorry.  I'm not criticising Mr. Burke.  His language is part of his
expertise, after all.  But my lack of experience in the telecom world
leaves me without the vocabulary to follow many of the interesting and
important discussions in this conference.  I have *no* idea what a
DID, an NPA or a CLASS is (though I suspect they are vorpal and
puissant entities).  Could somebody post a lexicon for the benefit of
folks like me?

Please note that I'm *not* criticizing anybody's writing style.

[Moderator's Note: It would seem to me David Tamkin and yourself have
similar complaints, and the answer for both of you may be to obtain
copies of the glossary files in the Telecom Archives. Look for the
file entitled 'phrack.glossary'. The Telecom Archives is FTP
accessible at lcs.mit.edu, using anonymous login.  PT]