9th UK teletraffic symposium

9th UK teletraffic symposium

Post by Nelson Vanega » Thu, 14 Apr 1994 18:25:57


sorry if this is the wrong Newsgroup for this question.

Have anybody of you attended the 9th UK Teletraffic Symposium at
the University of Surrey in april 1992.

I would be grateful to anyone who can give me a clue about one of
the papers presented in that meeting, namely "Prediction-based
congestion avoidance scheme for frame relay networks" by
K.Ab-Hamid and A.G. Waters.  


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1. CFP: Thirteenth UK Teletraffic Symposium

                     C A L L  F O R  P A P E R S
                 Thirteenth UK Teletraffic Symposium
            Performance Engineering In Information Systems
                            to be held at
               The Strathclyde Graduate Business School
                           18-20 March 1996

The UKTS is held annually as a forum for the discussion of the latest
analysis and performance characteristics of communication systems.

Contributions are invited that review current techniques, discuss
generic problems or introduce novel methods. Presentations are
particularly welcome if they relate these matters to operational
experience in dimensioning, capacity planning and quality of service.

Areas on which we hope to attract papers include:

* Radio communications; capacity planning and quality of service
  issues relating to cellular and wireless networks

* High speed multi-media And ATM networks - wide area, LANS and MANS

* Network evolution towards multi-media and ATM

* AI techniques for network management and control

* Network interworking, including Internet and SuperJANET

* Signalling and intelligent network performance

* Traffic management

* Real-time service delivery - protocols, network architectures,
  quality of service guarantees and traffic characteristics

* New mathematical methods and simulation techniques

* Design tools

* Software performance analysis

There will be invited talks on several key issues. To avoid using
parallel sessions, the committee has decided that all papers that are
accepted will be published in the Proceedings, but at the Symposium
they may be divided into presented contributions and poster session

Prospective authors are invited to submit a synopsis of approximately
250 words to Professor D G Smith, Department of Electronic and
Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Royal College, 24
George Street, Glasgow, G1 1XW by Friday 5 January 1996. In addition,
it would be helpful if a statement accompanying the contribution could
indicate the main subject area, the nature of the paper (survey, work
in progress, new analysis testing, new results on system performance
or some other category) and a brief indication of the main
contribution made by the paper.

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