Sprint Visa-Phone

Sprint Visa-Phone

Post by Ed Belis » Sat, 01 Dec 1990 04:23:00

for more information on Sprint's VisaPhone.  I don't know know about
Sprint, but MCI VisaPhone has been available since February.

There's an 800 access number.  You use your Visa card number and a
four digit PIN (given to you when you sign up)

Rates are $0.18/min Day, $0.13/min Evening, and $0.10/min
Night/Weekend.  There is a $0.70 surcharge per call.  Right now there
is a promotion for $5.00 credit/certificate with your second month's

To get MCI VisaPhone (and your PIN) you can sign up your Visa Card by
calling MCI (1-800-444-4444, Option 4).

Ed Belisle
MCI Consultant Liaison  703-506-6353


1. MCI Announces VISA-Phone

On Friday, MCI Communications Corp. announced a new long distance billing
arrangement in cooperation with VISA, U.S.A, Inc.

Under this new arrangement, long distance phone callers will be able to
use their VISA card and associated Pin to call anywhere on the MCI Network
from any phone equipped with Equal Access.

The caller will dial the call zero plus in the usual way, inserting a VISA
card number and Pin when requested to 'enter the card number now'.

Charges will be billed by VISA on a monthly basis, entitled (in most cases)
VISA-Phone, or in a few cases as MCI.

It is unclear to me at this time if prior arrangements are required with
MCI to use VISA billing, or if those numbers are somehow now being installed
right into a data base of acceptable cards/pins.

Call MCI Customer Service for more information.

Patrick Townson

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