?Are there calling cards w/ dial-by-name (not just speed dial)?

?Are there calling cards w/ dial-by-name (not just speed dial)?

Post by LarryHJo.. » Fri, 14 May 1999 04:00:00

Do any calling card / prepaid card services out there offer the
capability for my endusers to dial people by name and not just by using
their programmable speed dial codes (and a lot of card folks don't even
have speed dials!).  This might be better done by a unified mssging

I'm mostly interested in finding a wholesale service bureau that can
private label this service... any suggetions?


Larry Jones
LarryHJones "at" Hot Mail dot Com

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1. Can Direct Dial Calls be Charged to AT&T Calling Card?

My employer will soon be giving me an AT&T calling card, which will be
my only method of payment for the computer dial-up sessions I'll be
making from across country.

I'm unsure of how I can get my modem to tolerate the usual method of
using a calling card, particulary the prompting tone to enter your
calling card number, and the cheerful thank-you-for-using-AT&T message
(I can barely tolerate that myself).

However, I will have my own private line, so can I somehow get all the
long distance calls from that line billed directly to the calling

Or, for the modem folk, is there a reliable way to dial-up using a
calling card, without having to sacrifice a chicken every time?

E-mail reply is fine ... much thanks.

[Moderator's Note: By definition, 'direct dial' means just that: no
operator (live or robotic) intervention. Calling cards require some
intervention to obtain the billing number. So about all you can do, if
you must do it that way, is insert sufficient pauses in your modem
dialing string to punch out your card number and PIN at the
appropriate time. You will have to experiment to find the proper
length of pause after dialing the number. A better solution might be
that since your employer is paying for these calls anyway, have him
reimburse you for your *direct dial* long distance calls when you send
in the call detail pages from your bill as documentation. That way you
can dial direct, and your employer will get the cheaper direct dial
rates at the same time.  PAT]

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