So Calif Telephone Show Saturday, Feb 24, in Placentia Presby. Ch.

So Calif Telephone Show Saturday, Feb 24, in Placentia Presby. Ch.

Post by Watson A.Nam » Tue, 27 Feb 2001 03:27:26

A friend and I went to the So Calif Telephone Show SAturday morning, and
got a chance to see some old, and some not-so-old telephones and
memorabilia.  Some old stuff, some expensive stuff, but a lot of junk.
I even saw some CO switching equipment, Xbars etc.  

I think this show was meant to be for other collectors who need bits and
pieces to finish off things that they already have.  Gee, I could buy
four colored 302 sets for $4500, but who's got that kind of money.
And not everyone was buying the crank wall phones for $250, even if they
were a good buy.  But I picked up a 2554 wall phone for $25, and I'll
put that to good use in our switch room.  At least I don't have to worry
much about it 'growing legs and walking away'.

The show had a lot of friendly people, and helpful too.  We went to get
information on this set.
(67kb file)  But no luck.  Perhaps someday we'll come up with
something.  It was an interesting four hours, tho.  Maybe after I edit
the shots in Photoshop I'll post a few.  And I went to Fry's afterward
and spent only ten bucks.  Gee that must be a new record for me.  :o)

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