Jargon Dictionary Wanted

Jargon Dictionary Wanted

Post by John Conwel » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 17:49:48

I am looking for a book/dictionary for the great number of telephone
(and cabletelevision) slang terms.  You know, RBOC, STS, etc.  I know
a few, but a desk-top guide to the oft used shorthand phrases would be
useful.  I believe that the once monolithic Ma Bell produced one
in-house, and probably the Baby Bells still do.  Anything would be
nice.  :}

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Have you checked out the online glossaries
which are part of the Telecom Archives? Use anonymous ftp to connect with
lcs.mit.edu. Then, 'cd telecom-archives/glossaries'. You'll find several
large files there; glossaries compiled at one time or another. You can also
obtain glossary entries using the Telecom Archives Email Information Service.
Use the regular instructions for that service. The command is given as
GLOSSARY <ACRONYM>. For example, 'GLOSSARY COCOT' would cause email to be
sent to you automatically explaining what that term meant.  PAT]


1. Spanish to English Telecom Dictionary Wanted

        Can anyone recommend either a Spanish language telecom
dictionary or better still, a Spanish to English telecom dictionary.
I supervise a group of telecom network troubleshooters and although a
couple of my employees are bilingual and can work with our Spanish
language customers, they both got their telecom training in English.
They are having trouble translating the very specialized language of
telecommunications. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Alan Burnstine    MCI Telecommunications
MCI Mail:374-9269   CIS:70511,3562
"Standard Disclaimers Apply"

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