Cable & Wireless customer service

Cable & Wireless customer service

Post by Geoffrey Wels » Sun, 29 Sep 2002 06:05:48

Having just read the discussion about Primus vs. Cable & Wireless and
the positive experiences with Cable & Wireless customer service, I
thought I'd report my experience.

Today I received a notice dated September 20th from C&W USA informing
us that our account is past due, and we'd better pay it up within ten
days of sending to avoid any possibility of disconnection.  Today is
Friday the 27th, and the chances of getting payment to C&W by Monday
the 30th are not good.  The note was addressed to an ex-employee at a
site that has no accounting or MIS presence.  It would appear that our
August invoice has been misplaced, possibly because it was addressed
to another ex-employee at the same site in question and didn't get
forwarded on to finance.

We tried to call the toll-free customer service number provided and
were told that, sorry, no one can take your call right now so please
try again later.  No wait on hold, no voice mail, just that message
and click.  I'll have to suggest we do the same to calling customers
next time someone asks me where we can squeeze even more savings on
our telecom costs and see what the reaction is ...

We tried to call the person who sent the notice, but he's out of the
office and his message says to press 0 to speak to a someone else.
Pressing 0 got us to another message saying that the person we've
[not] reached is out of the office so press 0 to speak to someone
else, which gets us back to the voice mail of the original person we
tried to call!

We tried calling the telephone number on the letterhead, and got a
message saying that, if this call is about billing, we've got the
wrong number and our call will not be returned.

If C&W does disconnect us, I think we'll find an alternative provider
who only makes us wait on hold.  <grin>


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Greetings.  Over in the alt.cellular newsgroup, I've recently been
posting some detailed materials regarding the remarkably confused
situation concerning very negative AT&T Wireless rate plan changes,
and the incredible problems with getting correct information about
these plans from their customer service reps.  Rather than repeat the
whole sordid story here, it might be easier for interested persons
(including both current AT&T Wireless subscribers and persons who have
been considering that choice) to read my latest item via the DejaNews

You can use the "Thread" command at DejaNews to see associated
messages.  If you're unable to obtain the message there, feel free to
contact me and I'll be glad to e-mail you a copy.

Thanks much.

Lauren Weinstein

Moderator, PRIVACY Forum ---
Member, ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy
Host, "Vortex Reality Report & Unreality Trivia Quiz"

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