Saudi Arabia (was Re: NPA 905, NAFTA and Mexico Area Codes)

Saudi Arabia (was Re: NPA 905, NAFTA and Mexico Area Codes)

Post by Carl Moor » Thu, 25 Nov 1993 06:33:08

I don't know about an area code being used in Saudi Arabia for the
convenience of the oil industry.  But this topic came up with respect
to Kuwait (I guess at the time it was invaded August 1990 by Iraqi
forces), and no one had an answer for that.

[Moderator's Note: Yes, Saudi Arabia had an international country code
like all other countries, but it also had an 'area code' which could be
dialed from the USA for the administrative convenience of some people.
The oil industry?  I dunno. Anyone remember the 'area code' number, and
does it still work today?   PAT]


1. NPA 905, NAFTA and Mexico Area Codes


Would NAFTA have any impact on area code assignment?  If USA, Canada,
and Mexico are gonna be an economic unit, would there be motivation to
make phone calling to Mexico similar to the style used to call Canada
and USA (outside your local area code)?  Well, they probably couldn't
give back 905 to Mexico, but make up a new sort of area code for

[Moderator's Note: I don't think NAFTA will matter. Besides, TelMex
has never had the same historic relationship with telcos in the USA
and Canada that the telcos in this country have had with each other.
I rather suspect Mexico will remain an 'international' point.   PAT]

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