NYNEX to Stop Charging For Touch-Tone!

NYNEX to Stop Charging For Touch-Tone!

Post by Wes Leathero » Wed, 05 Oct 1994 00:08:01

Quote:> There is an article in today's NYTimes saying that as one part of a
> complex NYNEX-PSC agreement, starting January 1st, 1995, NYNEX will no
> longer charge for touch-tone service.  I can't believe it, after only
> 27 years, they have finally come to the conclusion that touch-tone is
> not a premium service anymore.  Amazing.

        Rate design is a complex subject and Public Service Commissions,
being at least partly political bodies, try to set rates in the way
most palatable to customers, the great majority of whom are not big
customers but modest residential users.

Quote:> Am I the only person in the world who still doesn't have touch-tone,
> because I don't want to pay the extra $0.50/month, or whatever it is?

        According to which figures you want to use, between 20 and 25
per cent of all telephones in the United States are still rotary dial.

Wes Leatherock                                                    


1. NYNEX to Stop Charging For Touch-Tone!

In article Wes Leatherrock writes:

The numbers also vary greatly by region of the US.  According to a
{Wall Street Journal} article about two months ago, NYNEX was far and
away the winner in terms of percentage of customers using rotary dial
(The story broke down the percent of rotary users by Baby Bell region).  
I think the number quoted in the WSJ was more than 30% of existing
NYNEX customers using rotary, with about 10% of new subscribers
refusing to pay for touch-tone service.

Ameritech and the Illinois Commerce Commission also just announced a
deal that, among other things, would eliminate Ameritech's monthly
touch-tone surcharge for Illinois customers.

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