Administrivia: Troubles in Telecom-land

Administrivia: Troubles in Telecom-land

Post by TELECOM Moderat » Tue, 20 Nov 1990 16:32:37

This past week brought numerous problems my way in the
moderating/editing and distribution of the Digest. For starters, two
days in a row we were literally flooded with messages, receiving about
a hundred new submissions each day. Under a best case scenario, postings
would run about two days behind.

But what actually happened was that (1) the editor here (EMACS) got
into some hassle and would not work right until got
rebooted. Two or three issues this past week were very sloppy, in my
estimation, and in fact for a couple days issues were taking *two or
three hours* -- per issue -- to process and get in the system because
the system kept crashing, knocking me off line, etc.

So a big backlog of stuff, combined with very slow processing meant
some messages this past week have been three or four days later than
usual in getting out.  Sorry.

To compound things, (2) the Usenet gateway here is a machine called
'accuvax' and over the weekend it shut down ... or at least it would
not accept postings. At one point I had about fifty messages waiting
to go to comp.dcom.telecom which finally had to be rerouted through my
backup account at  To make matters still worse, (3) after I
got all the messages rerouted over to I lost a major portion
of my directory there, including the poster.daemon program, and had to
spend a few hours reconstructing that.

Finally, and although it is of no direct concern to you, I've been
obliged to spend about 60 hours per week at my office for the past two
weeks catching up on a huge backlog of stuff *there* -- so the Digest
has been getting out when/if I have had time to work on it.

Maybe this week will be better. I again urge you to please:


You do not have to be the first person to answer everything posted
here. If you see others have written virtually identical messages,
then please forgo your posting. At present I can only post about a
quarter to a third of what comes in; please don't force the ratio even
lower than this. I like printing your stuff, but not in the quantity
it came in this past week.

Another True Confession!  The next issue of the Digest will contain an
article of interest to all:  'Confessions of a Telemarketer' ... yes,
one of our regular readers has been thus employed, and will make his
public confession in these columns later today.  Watch for it.

Last, I wish a happy Thanksgiving Day this Thursday to our USA
readers!  It'll be a nice four day weekend for some folks, I'm sure!

Patrick Townson
TELECOM Moderator


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As of Tuesday evening, the program here which delivers copies of the
Digest to the names on the mailing list is still out of order. I am
attempting other methods to get the Digest out to the list, but I do
not know yet how well it is working.

The Digest is going out okay to comp.dcom.telecom, and I hope those of
the list readers who see this message will explain to others what the
problem is. Once things are moving again, the list readers will get a
big backlog of issues from Monday and Tuesday.

Patrick Townson

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