Access Server for Transaction Processing Information

Access Server for Transaction Processing Information

Post by Javier Villega » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 04:50:35


I need information about the Access Server for Transaction Processing,
For capture transactions from points-of-sales.

I know Hypercom IEN and 3Com Total Control TRAX but I need more info
about others.

Hypercom & 3Com are very big and very expensive.

I need to look for smallers and cheapers

Thanks in advance.


1. Billing for Transaction Processing (was Toll Saver Feature)

This will be a much bigger issue as the ISDN is realized.  Transaction
processing capabilities will allow information flow without even
setting up the call.  Already we are seeing more information flowing
without charge such as CLID.  In the future TCAP messages will be able
to pass much information between terminals and switches, this will
allow great advances in intelligent networks.  Unfortunately we will
be bogged down by the traditional impediment to new services in the
public network: how do we charge for it?  Here's hoping that it
doesn't take too long to clear it up and pass it through the
regulatory bodies!

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