Cancelled order

Cancelled order

Post by IP » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 04:24:32

Due to a cancelled order I have 7 Mitel MC320cd cards. 1400 for the all 7
or 250 each inc P&P

Ian Plain


Cancelled order

Post by Dom Robinso » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 04:44:37

Quote:> Hi
> Due to a cancelled order I have 7 Mitel MC320cd cards. 1400 for the all 7
> or 250 each inc P&P

If they're cancelled, why do you still have them? Why can't you just return
them to your supplier?

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Cancelled order

Post by essdeeka » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 19:43:15

Quote:> If they're cancelled, why do you still have them? Why can't you just return
> them to your supplier?

I assume one of Ian's customers has cancelled on him, so if he ordered something
specifically for this customer who has now cancelled, it'd be excess stock, and
probably too late for him to return it to his supplier.



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1. Yet another Verizon DSL complaint and cancelled order

I thought I would post my painful process of ADSL from Verizon. I have been
trying since 1999 to
have DSL installed by Verizon. Asisde from them being 1 year past the
expected rollout schedule (1998),
when I finally saw availability I placed my order. After 2month since that
original order it was cancelled because
I was 14,000ft. from the CO. I got screwed, returned the westell but was
stuck with a Zyxel Prestige 300 router,
that could not be returned for a refund. I called back Verizon (BA at that
time) and was told that my CO would be
getting upgraded late 99 and would be extending the distance out to
16,000ft. and I should re-order and should
not have a problem getting ADSL. So I continued on with my ISDN (yeah could
have been worse like 26,400 dialup)
and struggled late 99, and this year with overusuage on my ISP for ISDN. The
bills were adding up, I grapped a 2nd ISP
to offset the costs. ISDN is getting very slow now. I replace my order with
BA on Jun 17th, 00 and BA goes on strike. They
also merge with GTE for the now Verizon. Great! I wait it out knowing
nothing would be done. After the strike ends I call back
that first week to find out my order is gone! Order re-instated manually by
a supervisor, however switched the order to "web ordered" and switched me to
the 845 area code from 914. OK, I think, but my bill is still showing 914
and I have not had to tell
people to use 845 when calling me. Time goes on, I call once a week, and its
by friday you will be activated. Does not happen, oh 2 weeks you will be
activated, and so on and so on. Finally I get a call on Oct 5th telling me
that my order has
been cancelled due to no record of a phone account with Verizon! After 1
hour to get a CS rep on the phone they tell me to just go ahead and replace
my order! I was cancelled because 845 is not a valid account listing for me.
My order should be on the 914 area code. I call logistics (these people are
the nicest dumbest folks in Verizon they really do try) after 45mins on
hold, I get through they re-instate my order but now has the standard 14 day
waiting period. No supervisor could change that. I finally gave up. I called
in, cancelled out the order and placed an order with Megapath. Expensive
provider no doubt. But its business class SDSL 256/256 with Static IP. If my
lines is what shows on prequal I can go up to 416 on the speed. I recieved
my confirmation already that Verizon tech is scheduled next week to run the
pair. If that goes well within a few days I should be up and running. At
least from this point on I have someone else who will deal with Verizon, no
more 40 min hold times for me. Its worth the money to have my time to do
better things then to try to deal with such an idiotic phone company. I also
have the confidence to be able to cancell my ISDN immediatly after I am up
and running, where as with the Verizon DSL and all the problems, and
downtime I see people write in here I was going to keep my ISDN active for
at least 6 months to use as backup. Wish me luck......

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